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Disco party

Kids-Trip also organizes customized events to celebrate your child's birthday in Switzerland. From ages 3 to 12.


At home or in a place you rent (chalet, hall, etc.)


The disco parties we organize are usually on Wednesday afternoons or weekends from 2 to 5 pm. We also do them on Friday evenings.


Like all other birthday parties, we accompany the parents for 3 hours.
Of these 3 hours, 2h30 are reserved for the disco party. The program includes musical games, masquerade costume and face painting if you feel like it. The rest is devoted to the cake and the opening of presents at the end of the birthday party.


It's already set, but if you decide to add a theme to your child's birthday party, let us know!


The price is 450chf for 3 hours of presence and entertainment for 12 children. From the 13th child, another entertainer is required regardless of the age of the children.
Each additional child is charged 10chf. (ex: for 15 children, the amount will be 480chf)
A supplement of 150chf will be requested if a second entertainer is necessary (depending on the age of the children)
Travel costs are 25chf.
If transport is requested, it is 150chf.

These amounts are exclusive of VAT.