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Fall Camps in Switzerland

Go on an adventure this fall with our tailor-made summer camps. We pick you up from Lausanne to Montreux. We make you enjoy autumn with our traveling formula throughout French-speaking Switzerland. So off you go for the fall camp adventure.

Enfant dans l'eau
Enfants dans un champ
Enfant dans la montagne

Activities and holiday camps in French-speaking Switzerland





Fall camps for children and teens

Our Easter holiday camp activities are organized with solid and serious partners.
They combine entertainment and learning for the happiness of your children.
They aim to arouse children's curiosity and stimulate their creativity.

Children are separated into 3 groups in order to stay with a group suitable for their age

enfants plage

4-6 years

enfants dehors

7-9 years

Enfants qui tirent à la corde

10-12 years

Fancy a camp this fall?

enfants devant plage

This fall, visit French-speaking Switzerland

The goal of Kids-Trip: to discover a wide range of activities while having fun under the supervision of childhood specialists, from early childhood to adolescence. During the autumn weeks, we offer children from 4 years old the opportunity to discover their environment and become curious about Nature.

Nature walks, treasure hunts in the forest, mountain hikes, afternoons at the lake, discovery or construction workshops and animation games await your children throughout the summer.

What prices for our fall camps?

Prices of our camps

640 CHF (4-12 years) per week

950 CHF (12-15 years) with nightsover

Periods concerned

During the Vaudois autumn holidays

Support for the fall camps

Our camps are full-day activities.
We pick up your children at the pick-up point and return them at the end of the day.



> Vidy Theater car park
> Gas Station Montbenon
> Epalinges-Vennes
> Rionzi - Le Mont-sur-Lausanne


Lutry - Puidoux

> Conversion Station
> Tennis - Puidoux

Swiss riviera

> Vevey Funnicular
> St-Légier Tennis de La Veyre