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Lasergame outside

Kids-Trip also organizes customized events to celebrate your child's birthday in Switzerland. From ages 3 to 12.


Our Lasergame for your child's birthday takes place mainly outdoors in a forest or park near you.


Weekends and Wednesday afternoons.
from 10am to 1pm or from 2pm to 5pm


Like all other birthday parties, we accompany the parents for 3 hours.
Of these 3-hour birthdays, 2 hours are reserved for Lasergame entertainment. The remaining hour is devoted to welcoming the children at the start of the birthday party, and to the cake and gift opening at the end.


We are open to having children dress up in a theme for your child's birthday party.


The rate is 400chf for 3 hours of presence for 12 children.
Each additional child is charged 20chf (e.g.: for 15 children, the amount will be 460chf).
A supplement of 100chf will be charged if a second animator is required (depending on the age of the children).
Travel costs are 25chf.
If transportation is required, it is 75chf.